Cultural Influences on the Nutrition Assessment of a Hospitalized Patient

For this unit’s practice discussion, imagine that you are working as a clinical nutrition assistant under the supervision of a Registered Dietitian (RD) at a local hospital.
Your patient is from a foreign country and recently moved to the U.S. to live with his daughter so that she could help care for him. He speaks little to no English. There is no height or weight listed in the chart or computer.
Choose and describe the patient’s cultural background. This can include any information relating to culture, ethnicity, home country, religious beliefs, language spoken, and any special dietary practices or food allergies that the patient may have. The patient’s culture and overall background needs to be realistic and also needs to be one that you are interested in learning more about. From this research, you need to demonstrate your knowledge about the culture’s dietary practices, communication habits, cultural or religious.

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Dietary Analysis
1. Patient’s Details
Name: Suleyman Mwakazi
Region of origin: East Africa
Country of Origin: Sudan
Age: 74
Health Status: NA
Health records: NA

Recommended Medical Action: Full Dietary and Health Analysis
2. Cultural Background
Mwakazi is an immigrant from Sudan and speaks Arabic as his first language though with little exposure to English and Swahili. In Sudan, the ethnic subscription significantly affects the diet of an individual, as there are the communally hyped foods and lifestyle (Kerven, 2010). After an interview with the patient, it is evident that he has lived his entire life in the vast areas of Sudan where diet concerns are nominal in government health care. As such, he lacks the necessary dietary knowledge. As he identifies, his community depends on livestock rearing as the only source of livelihood, which makes meat and milk their staple food....
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