1. Hotel Online
a. Find and discuss at least two trends that are occurring in the hotel industry as defined by the consultants on this web site:
b. Based on the news articles from Hotel Online along with your current readings in the newspaper, textbooks, blogs, and so on discuss a trend you believe is impacting the hotel industry why you think it is important.

2. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
a. all three of the above hotel companies compete for the same target population.
what marketing strategies do they use to attract customers to their
hotels? How do they differ?
b. In your opinion, which hotel company has the best marketing strategies on its website? Why?
c. What are the similarities and differences among these three companies regarding how they market their hotels versus how the Choice and Cendant hotel groups market their hotels?

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Answer 1:
a. The hotel industry is characterized by several changes. As per Lodging Econometrics (2015a), the hotel industry has been witnessing double-digit earnings growth and the growth rate has been slowing down now. This can be explained by the modest increase in the high level of transaction volume of shares of the hotel industry. The interest rates are at very low levels and this has created an opportunity for the hotel companies to expand their operations as funds are available at lower costs. This had created growth opportunities also since the hotels could raise funds at lower costs. They were using those funds to continue with their growth strategies which led to increase in earnings. However, there is a limit to growth also and it seems that the growth has reached peak levels for the industry for the time being, due to which the growth rate is slowing down.
Another trend that been pointed out by Lodging Econometrics (2015b) is that...

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