Sexual Harrassment Prevention

Read Evaluating a Training Program: A Case Study and then answer the following questions

1. Create 2 more SMART goals for this training
2. Explain what the mean for pre and post training means, why are these figures important?
3. Using the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model did the training achieve the desired results? Why or why not?
4. Where any unexpected questions raised from this training? If so which questions? If not, why do you think the results were expected?
5. Which levels of information were collected and used in the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model? Explain why or why not each level was or was not used.

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Sexual Harassment Training Assessment

1. 2 additional SMART goals for this training –
“By the end of this training, participants will be less likely to confront a harasser if they feel they are being sexually harassed as measured by trainee ratings on a pre and post training assessment instrument.” – admittedly, this is an interesting choice for a SMART goal and was suggested by the case study’s discussion of the appearance of this possible action as ranked atop both the pre and post training assessments. In suggesting this as a SMART goal, it is assumed that, contrary to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s guidance, it is in the best interests of the company/institution and possibly the victim, for confrontation to be a less attractive, less likely option.
“By the end of this training, participants will be...
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