Unethical Versus Ethical Leadership
It takes courage to lead an organization with ethics.
For instance, Leaders at AIG argued that they were obligated to pay bonuses to executives even after the company was bailed out by the U.S. Government. They stated that they had a contractual obligation to pay these bonuses. Many people argued that the Leaders at AIG acted unethically when paying those bonuses. Others said they were justified in doing so.
Write a 2 page paper. In your paper address the following:
•How does a leader find the courage to step through fear and confusion to act ethically despite the risks involved?
•Give an example of a situation in business where you observed a leader acting unethically/ethically.
•Knowing what you know now how would you have counseled them?
•Conclude your paper by describing how you will prepare yourself to lead ethically.

Include a title page and 3-5 references. Only one reference may be from the internet (note Wikipedia). The other reference must be from the Grantham University Online Library. Please adhere to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), (6th ed. 2nd printing) when writing and submitting assignments and papers.

Discussion Question
Mental Models
Why is so hard for people to change their assumptions?
•Discuss specific reasons why leaders need to be aware of their mental models.

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How does a leader find the courage to step through fear and confusion to act ethically despite the risks involved?
The first step, I think, needs to be the calm, collected, considered addressing of what are often the obstacles to acting ethically – fear and confusion. The key is for ‘courage’ to be less a matter of saintly, righteous impetus and more a matter of rational, systematic process. Of course, this is easier than done, otherwise fear and confusion would not have the power over us that they do and unethical behavior would not be so common. But, one way to diffuse the power of fear and confusion is to think about where they come from, to attempt to explicate and explain them. At least in business environments, the ultimate source is invariably the pressure to deliver, fundamentally in terms of productivity, growth, and profits.Vitally, however, when the pursuit of business goals brings one to forks in the road where fear and confusion can drive one on to unethical paths, this happens...
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