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Discuss the myriad elements management would consider when anticipating union bargaining proposals? And, when would management officials prefer centralized (multi-plant) bargaining? Please explain in a 3-4 page paper.

Did Unions kill the American auto industry? Why or why not?

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Discuss the myriad elements management would consider when anticipating union bargaining proposals?

In answering this question, I take a sort of elementary game-theoretic approach to thinking about the myriad elements management must consider in anticipating union bargaining proposals. I break down the answer into: strategic considerations, tactical ploys, situational awareness during negotiations, and substantive bargaining issues.
A major strategic element for management to consider would be the general nature of their relationship with the union. Specifically, it stands to reason that if management has an accurate handle on how the union perceives its relationship with management, then management is better placed to anticipate and plan for union bargaining proposals. For instance, would the union characterize its stance with respect to that of management as one of conflict, where suspicion and belligerence are definitive? Or does the union see management policy as being that of cooperation, where the union is viewed as an active and potentially productive partner toward the goal of the company’s success? Or do both the union and management coexist tenuously through repeated and constant power bargaining, in which ‘muscle-flexing’ and being cognizant of the other’s ‘muscle’ leads to a sort of productive détente? Where the relationship between management...

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