You are working as an HR assistant at an organization. Your boss (me) has asked you to write a proposal for the development of a new Human Resource system focused on a specific job within your organization. Write about:
• Bartender
Job Overview and Selection
• Briefly describe the job by explaining the essential duties and any skill, knowledge, education or ability requirements. Briefly describe the organization/location where the job is situated (Assume that the organization is sufficiently large enough/has adequate resources to develop a robust HR system. What is the industry, how many employees?).
• What specific selection tools would you use to select candidates for the position? Why?
• How would you validate each selection tool (content or criterion related)? Explain and justify your validation approach for each tool.
• Describe the implementation plan of your selection system (e.g., Which tools are going to be used first in the process? How will you combine predictors [e.g., compensatory, multiple hurdles, combination])? Why?
• Briefly describe and justify how you would demonstrate the value to the organization (e.g., ROI) of the new selection system.

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Our company, Highflying Executive Services, has been tremendously successful in the market segment dealing with the organization, management, and catering of high-end business executive events. Naturally, a bar is an often-requested and central part of most parties, mixers, and social gatherings of the business executive scene, with our golf support services coming in a distant second in popularity. And, because the supply of alcoholic beverages is under our purview in most of our service contracts, our margins and, thus, revenue from bar service tend to be very high. So, keeping the standard of our bar service high and consistent is of paramount importance to our business model.
However, a consistent and critical problem since we launched our company has been the bartender position. It should come as no surprise that, just as the bar service is a central profit-driving part of our service contracts, the bartender is a central part of the service we provide. Moreover, the bartender is critical to the experience we deliver. But, this position...

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