First, write a 500-750 word essay on the effectiveness of employee engagement; then, in a brief discussion, consider how you would respond if you were surveyed at work and asked if you feel empowered (try to touch upon the distinction between employee satisfaction and engagement).

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If we contend that employee engagement is good for employees and—somehow—is as a result good for a firm’s bottom line, the unavoidably necessary follow-up question must be: is it? Do the facts back up the theory, however persuasive the conceptual case may be for engaged employees contributing (in some presumably significant way) to profits, or to mission-execution for non-profits, and to growth? Admittedly, it is tempting to buy into the idea that happy employees who truly want to be at work will be more productive and will lead to a firm ‘doing better’ than if its employees were unhappy and would do anything to be elsewhere. But notice that that does not have to be true...

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