Human Performance Assignment
Choose one of the three topics analyzed in this unit (OD, Systems Thinking and Six Sigma) and write a 300 word paper on how you believe you would use these disciplines in an HPT problem you could face
Please respond to all of the following questions:
Discussion Question 1: What are your thoughts on Organizational Development? How is it different to training?
Discussion Question 2: What kind of problem would you apply a systems analysis to? Why?
Discussion Question 3: How would you use Six Sigma in your work environment?

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The relationship between Six Sigma and HPT makes the former highly applicable to cases that involve the latter. To start with, the relationship between Six Sigma and HPT at the systematic level is very high (Armstrong & Mitchell, 2008). Similarly, at the systemic level in HPT, the relationship is medium because Six Sigma places much focus on exhaustive analyses to aid in the finding of the cause of a specific problem within a system. Five key steps define the applicability of Six Sigma in different scenarios. These include “define, measure, analyse, improve, and control” or the DMAIC process (Armstrong & Mitchell, 2008).
The first phase, "define", entails making a definition of the project goals, business requirements, and customer expectations or preferences. The customer is the most important individual to a company because he or she determines the entire company’s income, market share, and competitive advantage. Therefore, it is obligatory to meet consumer demands to achieve the abovementioned objectives. It is critical to note that every business in the current market must make a profit to remain vital as a commercial entity. Therefore, a company that deploys the DMAIC process in its HPT process must define what the customer and business need. It entails giving...
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