HRM responsibilities should be shared and distributed between various managers and people across, down and throughout the organisation. HRM processes should facilitate the achievement of the Corporate Strategic Plan. Discuss this statement.

When constructing your answer, use your prescribed textbook, the guidelines and any discussions on MyLO, the unit resources, in particular the readings. Throughout your answer use examples, either real or hypothetical to illustrate your understanding.
See the Essay/report assessment criteria sheet on the following page for information about

Additional options:
a. Using an organisation as the basis for your answer - if you are or have been employed in a suitable organisation, you are encouraged to use your work situation where appropriate to explain the ideas. Please identify the full and real name of the organisation or business entity in your assignment. Provide a brief description of the activities of the organisation (one or two paragraphs in an Appendix should be sufficient). As the nature of the information may be industry sensitive you can be assured of our care to maintain confidentiality.
b. Working in a pair - You have the opportunity of completing this assignment in a pair of your own choosing

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Executive Summary
Human Resource Department is essential for smooth running of the organization. It helps in managing people and taking care of their requirements and needs. It is managed by ensuring that the policies, practices and guidelines run as per the business model of the organization. It is pertinent that the company takes up a collective responsibility in ensuring the practices, policies and guidelines are implemented efficiently as a corporate strategic plan. In this assignment we will be discussing on the importance of sharing the HRM responsibilities and distributing them among various managers and the people working in the organization (Colbert, 2004).

Human Resource is said to be the most important resource or an asset for the organization. It helps the management as well as people in bridging the gap and the barrier. It is said to be the middle party between the management and the employees. It is the department that helps in the documenting of various policies, practices and the guidelines. Unless this department takes its responsibility the employees or the people working for the organization will not be able to achieve their targets. Above all it has to ensure that the company needs are met and fulfilled by taking advantage of the situation and implementing the rules and regulations as per the suitability of the organization....
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