1. Accountability:
Reflect on the importance of accountability in your life and in business.
Discuss times when you have been held accountable and when you have had to hold others accountable.
Was it easy or difficult to do?
2. Service:
Customer Service is a key component of any business but how does it relate to Human Resources and managers?
Who are the "customers" of Human Resources?
If you are a manager who are your "customers" and how do you best serve them?
Also discuss your skills and experience with having a service attitude and perspective.
How well do you "serve" others?
Who did you serve this week?
Describe the experience.
3. Transparency:
Provide your definition of "transparency".
Why is it important in business?
How does it relate to recruitment and compensation and benefits?

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1. Accountability:
Accountability in an individual’s life and in business is a very important aspect and can have a direct impact on the individual’s success or failure. Accountability towards one’s spouse and children is very important for a hale and healthy family life. In business too accountability is a very important aspect in the overall functioning and success of it. A business house is accountable to its share holders, the employees are accountable to its employers, employers are in turn accountable for the welfare of its employees...

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