Write a research proposal about job satisfaction as a predictor of organizational citizenship behavior based on the article "Job satisfaction as a predictor of organizational citizenship behavior: An empirical study"

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The focus of this study is job satisfaction as a predictor of organizational citizenship behavior. The sample population will be drawn from employees in different jobs, but in the same organization. This research study will therefore add to the existing literature on this topic by establishing whether or not organizational citizenship behavior is dependent on job satisfaction regardless of profession and job roles. The rest of this research proposal is organized as follows: part three highlights the research problem, part four discusses the importance of this research and part five highlights the objectives of the research study. Part six presents a definition of key terms as used in the context of this study, part seven presents a review of previous studies, part eight introduces the dependent and independent variables that will be used to ass JS as a predictor of OCB, part nine highlights the hypotheses of the research study and part ten discusses the research methodology that will be employed in the research study....

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