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Rent and watch the movie, Philadelphia (1993), and submit a film critique.

What HR lessons were learned?
What suggestions might you give to the role players to effectuate different and perhaps more satisfying (or even prosperous) result?

I encourage you to consult outside sources on the film you are critiquing, but you must use a reference system to credit all the sources you use.

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The Plot of the Movie:
The Movie Philadelphia (1993) is a touching movie on the lawsuit filed by the victim of AIDS against his employers who fired him allegedly knowing that he has caught hold of AIDS. His employer firm is a law firm run by a set of five partners headed by Mr.Wheelers, who had just promoted Andrew Beckett to a senior position in his firm. Just as soon as he gets to know that his employee Beckett is a gay who has caught hold of AIDS, he makes a framed lawsuit of mishandling of important papers and fires Beckett from the law firm that he is unworthy of the job. But the story turns out to be important when Beckett hires an attorney Joe Miller, who has faced similar discrimination (not as a handicapped, but as a black). Though Miller is hesitant to take up the case, he sees the discrimination against Beckett and takes up the case. Finally after all the trials and verdicts, Beckett finally wins the case with the help of Miller. It is a legal and emotional story of what victims of discrimination face in the workplace....

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