Why is it important for HR Staffing to transform from an administrative function to a strategic partner?
Would it be desirable to hire according to organizational match versus job match?
Is it desirable to hire for current versus future organization needs?
Be sure to include both an introduction and conclusion.
A minimum of 2 sources are required, with citation in APA format.

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In this report, the discussion is about three major issues in the HR staffing. The first one is the changing traditional HR staffing to the role of being a strategic partner. Second issue that is discussed is about whether the HR staffing should be done based on organizational fit or based on job fit. The third issue that is being discussed is about whether HR staffing must be done taking into consideration the current needs of the organization or its future needs.
Transformation of HR staffing role into that of a strategic partner:
Traditionally in most companies, HR seems to be a separate administrative function that seems to be disconnected from the actual work of the organization. HR role has become more important in the recent decades than it has been ever before. This is mainly because of the changing business environment that has made the organizations to face some critical challenges in the way they do business. These critical challenges are listed as under.
Globalization of the current decade has made the organizations to have global, glocal and local strategies that requires them to transform the ideas, products, people and information around the world that would make them more competitive in both the local and global markets....

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