Interview Dialogue Analysis

Pat Eneewon, a performance practitioner with Turmeric & Spice, Ltd., was asked to meet with the Chief People Officer (CPO) about building a leadership development program.
Pat has interviewed Ms, Abley, the CPO at Turmeric & Spice (T&S) and three people recommended by Ms. Abley.
Pat has been moved on to another project, these interview transcripts have been provided to you in preparation for you taking over the project.

Review the transcripts provided.
Summarize the data, making it as factual and data-supported as possible.
Submit a 3-5 paragraph analysis identifying the performance issues and opportunities for Turmeric & Spice Ltd.
In your summary, identify documentation that you would want to find to corroborate comments by your interviewees or provide additional information that your interviewees were unable to provide.

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    Introduction to this paper:

    Ms. Abley, Chief People Office has called for the services of Pay Eneewon to scrutinize the need for improving the leadership program of the company ‘Turmeric and Spice’. Whether it needs to be diverse and to be reflective of the various stakeholders across countries such that it could be beneficial for the customers, employees and also the vendors; has to be analyzed by Pat. Mr.Abley’s concerns are surrounded by the Ms. Spice’s views about the frontline people in the company and these are varied in the fact that some of them are very promising and some of them have to be replaced. Though none of them have attended the leadership program attended by the company, there are language barriers, cost concerns, labor laws and other issues that have to be weighed against the benefits of who and how many of them will be attending the leadership training program. Abley is also concerned about succession training that would provide promising career paths within the company for the youngsters...

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