Rent and watch the movie, Office Space (1999), and write a film critique.
Your movie critique should address the following questions:

What were the managers’ and consultants’ several motivational techniques?
Did they mesh well together?
Why were the consultants impressed by an employee trying to be dismissed?
Should they have been?
Why is the movie titled “Office Space”?
If you were hired as the Human Resource Manager, what would be the first three issues that you would address? Why?

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The plot of the movie, “Office Space”

The film ‘Office space’ depicts what is going on in most of the IT organizations (and other organizations too) where there are a few employees doing their work productively whereas the others are just hanging by to earn their living. The company Initech corporation is overcrowded with lots of managers (8 of them performing same roles) and employees who are sitting idly in their cubicles. Considering this the company hires two consultants to downsize the company and to fire the inefficient employees. The two consultants speak with most of the employees about how they spend a day in their workplace. In their conversation, most of the employees get laid off, in spite of being efficient (particularly two of the Peter’s best friends – Michael Bolton and Samir are fired), but Peter who is inefficient gets a promotion....

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