You are the Human Resource Manager for a 30-person t-shirt design company located in New Castle, Delaware. The business is in the third year of operation, but sales have started to decline. The owner is concerned that consumers are choosing to purchase goods online from around the world and that the company will not be able to remain competitive. She has asked you to prepare a one page memorandum on the impact of globalization on the workforce in the company and how the organization can become better equipped to face the challenges it faces.

The memorandum should be prepared in formal business style and be approximately 500 words.

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TO: Owner
FROM: Human Resource Manager
SUBJECT: Impact of globalization on the workforce
Long-term sustainability requires the organization to utilize its resources effectively in order to become the dominant force in the market it operates in. As a young company still in its growth stage, there is a need to urgently respond to the threats posed by globalization. The decline in sales is a clear indication that the organization needs to change its strategy. It is recommended that the company focuses on building its brand to become a super brand in the t-shirt design market....

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