Using APA format, answer the following three Case Questions in 2-4 pages, on Wedow v. City of Kansas City, Missouri (2006).

Are you surprised that this is a 2006 case? Why or why not?
How do you think the fire department should have responded when the women registered complaints about their uniforms?
Why do you think the fire department treated the female employees as it did?

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There are reasons to be surprised Wedow v. City of Kansas City, Missouri is a 2006 case, and there are reasons to be unsurprised. One reason to be surprised is how egregiously the fire department could disregard the safety of some of its employees. Perhaps it was the element of fire and its risks in this case, as well as the fact that women were disparately put at risk, but this case made me think of the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City in 1911. There, poor construction and planning of the factory—largely due to willful negligence on the part of industrialist owners—resulted in the deaths of...

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