Assume that you’re the staffing manager in a company that informally, but strongly, discourages you and managers from hiring people with disabilities. The company’s rationale is that people with disabilities are unlike to be high performers or long term employees, and are costly to train, insure, and integrate into the work unit. What is your ethical assessment of the company’s stance; do you have an ethical obligation to try to change the stance, and if so, how might you go about that?

Please answer in a 750-1000 word essay in APA style.

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Given the brevity of this essay, a clear, explicit declaration is warranted here at the outset: Yes, I think a company’s staffing manager does have an ethical obligation to try to change upper management’s de facto policy against hiring people with disabilities. But why think that, what’s the justification? The straightforward answer would be to proclaim that discrimination in all its forms is wrong, immoral, unethical – simpliciter, though one might argue for justification that stems from a personal moral code in support of, for example, fairness for all, or the like. However, in the discussion that follows...

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