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Read the Mini Case Study, "Which Automotive Technology Will Win?".

Then answer the following questions in a 2 page essay:

What is the emerging industry standard?
Which factors do you think will be most critical in setting the next industry standard for technology in car propulsion?

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Here at the outset, a critical fact must be recognized: Rothaermel’s case study, on the then-current and emerging states of progress in car propulsion technologies, was written in 2014. There has been considerable change in the intervening three years, and, in turn, considerable clarification of what is likely to be the industry standard for car propulsion over the coming 2-3 decades. Suppose that the five ‘industry standards’ pertinent to this discussion are: internal combustion engines (ICE), hybrids, plug-in hybrids (PHEV), battery electric vehicles (BEV), and fuel cells. As the only car propulsion technology of the last century, the ICE is not an ‘emerging’ industry standard but is, rather, the standard against which every other technology has emerged and aims to supplant. Thus appears the first divergence or fork in the road, between ICE-propelled cars on one hand and...

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