After a trainer has researched the topic, decided on the essential content of the training program, and decided on the time frame of, and methods and materials for the training, the trainer must then develop a formal training plan. An effective formalized training plan follows either a descriptive, outline, or multi-column format that includes five key elements:

training content
method(s) used
This assignment is designed to help you prepare for your culminating project in this course, the training and development lesson due in Week 7. Following on the learning objectives assignment in week two and the curriculum design assignment in week three, you will now start to develop your formal training plan (see examples in pages 205-215 of your textbook).

Based on what you have read about developing training plan in Chapter 9 of your textbook, develop a formal training plan for your final training and development lesson that you will present at the end of this course. Your training plan should follow one of the three formats described in Chapter 9 of your textbook.

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Module 1: The Challenges of Information/Data Security for Small Firms with No Dedicated IT Department
Objectives: At the end of this session, trainees should understand and be able to recall/recognize the information and data security challenges faced by small firms.
Presentation [15 minutes]
1. How information/data security is usually administered at large companies [Slides 1-5]
2. Time & Money – or the lack thereof and its implications for information/data security for small firms [Slides 6-10...

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