First, identify the training topic you are interested in researching, designing, and presenting on for your final project. In the submission text area of the assignment submission link, state your topic and 1-2 sentences about why you chose the topic. I advise choosing a somewhat specialized topic or one with significant relevance to your industry or at your workplace; avoid choosing overly broad topics (e.g. sexual harassment, human resources overview, etc.). Note: Your presentation must be your original work and may not simply replicate an existing training presentation.

In order to narrow down your training topic on which you will present, first answer these questions:
• Who is my target training audience?
• What is the level of the employee(s) who will take this training?
• What do trainees need to learn from this training to improve their job performance?
• What new knowledge or skills will employees gain?
• Where will trainees be located? (This shapes the type of training environment and delivery)
• What is the trainees’ motivation to learn?

Second, review "Aims, objectives, and outcomes" from the Training the Trainer Resource Pack online and read Chapter 4 of your textbook. Using these resources, develop learning objectives and learning outcomes for your final training and development lesson you will present in week seven. You should identify at least three to five learning objectives for your training and indicate the learning outcomes for each of those objectives that a participant will learn as a result of the training. This second part may be presented as a bulleted list of learning objectives and a separate list of learning outcomes.
Before getting started on this assignment, read these definition to better understand the difference between learning objectives and learning outcomes. Learning objectives are brief, clear statements that describe the desired learning outcomes using specific terms. Learning outcomes are statements that describe significant and essential learning that a learner will have achieved, and can reliably demonstrate, upon completion of a course or program. Learning outcomes identify what the learner will know and be able to do by the end of a course or program.

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Information and data security in the context of a (very) small law firm – background and training in best practices, for lawyers and support staff
Why I chose the topic:
In the broadest terms, data security is now an ever-present topic of concern...

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