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Read the Mini Case Study, "From Good to Great to Gone: the Rise and Fall of Circuit City".

Then answer the following questions in a 2 page essay:

What was Circuit City’s strategic position during its successful period?
Why did Circuit City lose its competitive advantage?
What could Circuit City’s management have done differently?

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Divining Circuit City’s strategic position during its successful period is difficult, in part because it is not clear Circuit City had a clear strategic position. That is, if a strategic position requires that a company have a clear, sufficiently comprehensive, appropriately visionary, and realizable view of its future, then, based on considerable evidence, Circuit City’s strategic position was either unfortunate, grossly mistaken, and/or simply nonexistent. One example of the ways in which Circuit City failed to account for ongoing and oncoming developments was its dedication of valuable floor space to music CDs, years after Napster and the iPod had played their parts in the birth of the MP3 and digital media revolutions...

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