Read: Measuring the Results of the HR Function: The Case of the Société de transport de Montréal’s Staffing and Workforce Planning Division
Using this business case study, you will explore how to diagnose organizational issues and to identify the metrics necessary to measure success. You will learn about the importance of the alignment of the HR mission and vision to that of the organization, how to evaluate and use information to develop performance indicators, and the importance of staffing to the attainment of organizational objectives.
Take the perspective of the consultant from K-7, who is the project head of this initiative. Write a 3-4 page paper, recommending the performance indicators that STM’s Staffing and Workforce Planning Division should measure and evaluate to achieve its objectives.

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The role of HR has been increasingly emerging as a strategic function and several organizations are making investments in IT to support HR activities so that the organization can remain adequately staffed at all intervals. The attainment of vision and mission objectives requires talented resources and HR plays this critical role of filling job vacancies in the most efficient and effective manner. This report is based on the organization Societe de transport de Montreal (STM) which is a fast-growing transit company in Montreal. As the company approaches to attain its strategic objectives, the HR department aims to identify key performance indicators to support the vision of the company. This report seeks to analyze the key performance indicators of the HR department.
Vision and objectives
STM is guided by the vision of operating as the top public transit system in North America that meets the mobility needs of the public with sustainable methods. As part of its Strategic Plan 2020, an ambitious target of increment of ridership by 40% has been set and this...

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