Write about McDonald's.
Gather the following information:
board of directors
vision and mission statement
principal business model
major goals for the company
changes in strategy
industry in which your company resides
company’s position on corporate social responsibility (CSR)
has your company participated in any mergers or acquisitions in the past?

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This report is based on McDonald’s whose foundation dates back to 1940. It was started by Dick and Mac McDonald in California and since then, the company has grown to be a market leader in the quick service restaurant industry with a strong brand image in the market of hamburgers.
Board of directors
The CEO of the company was Don Thompson who was promoted from COO to CEO of the company in July 2012. He succeeded Jim Skinner, who was associated with the company for more than 40 years, and had devised the ‘Plan to Win’ so that the company could adapt itself to the changes taking place in the operating environment and maintain its leadership position. Thompson had also successfully implemented Skinner’s plan to catapult the position of the company amidst intense competitive pressure.   
Vision and mission statement
The vision of the company has been to be in the business for yourself, but at the same...

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