Write a four page reflect paper where you address the topics listed below. Your paper should be APA formatted and include a title page and references page, which will bring the total number of pages for your paper up to six.
You will be expected to produce 1 full page of body text for each of the following categories citing sources. Address each one thoroughly providing a short background and explore the theoretical and practical application of the topics to your future/current careers.
1.Career Transitions
2.Handling Workplace Change
3.Internships and Continuing Your Education
4.Personal Brands and Expanding Your Personal Brand

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One would have to face many transitions in both personal and professional lives, as a result of which there would be fundamental change in the roles that we play in our lives. There can be many transitions in our careers from being supervisor to being a manager; or the transition of joining the new company, etc. These fundamental changes that occur due to carrier transitions require some transformation on how we perceive or interpret ourselves and the interconnections between ourselves and the world around us; it changes the priorities of job roles; the requirements of learning new skills and development of the interpersonal interactions so that we can fit into that new job roles that happens due to carrier transitions. The literature on transition emphasizes four stages namely the encounter phase; the adjustment phase; stabilization phase and the preparation phase
In the encounter phase, the individual sees the contradictions and contrast between the new and the old job roles and also encounters the differences between the perceived and the actual experiences of the new job role. If the transition is anticipated one, then the encounter phase would be a much easier one as the individual would have prepared himself to meet the anticipated changes. The second phase of adjustment makes the individual employee more emotional and cognitively intense has to let go the beliefs and behaviors that he had with the previous job...

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