In this JetBlue Airways: Starting from Scratch case study, JetBlue Airways shows how an entrepreneurial venture can use human resource management, specifically a values-centered approach to managing people, as a source of competitive advantage. The requirements for each analysis are:
• Length of 3 - 4 pages, excluding title and reference pages, unless otherwise noted in the individual assignment.
• Times New Roman, 12 pt, double spaced.
• Use headings and APA style formatting.
• Think about broad questions to guide your write up.
o Why has the organization been so successful?
o What advice would you give to your organization bases on this case analysis?
• Sections for your Case Write up:
• The key concerns, issues, best practices, or dilemmas presented in the case.
• The potential ‘root causes’ of the issues, successful strategies or dilemmas presented in the case. In other words, why might these strategies, issues or dilemmas have surfaced in the first place? Your focus should be on identifying ‘root causes’ of concerns, not just their symptoms or current manifestations.
• Discussion of situational constraints or opportunities that affect the strategies /issues / concerns and the search or implementation of solutions.
What you believe should be the guiding principles or criteria used in determining the most productive and long-lasting solutions to the strategies/ opportunities/ issues / concerns (given the situational constraints / opportunities you have identified)

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The jet blue case has been one of a new age entrepreneur who has rejoiced success using a combination of technology and good human resources practices. At the point of being a start up the airline industry of the USA was in a state of churn with a few airlines even going out of business, over and above during those initial years the thought of having a start up airline company was a taboo for puritans and the founder of the airline along with his dream team dared to think different from their contemporaries. The concept of having a low cost airline and provide a high quality service was just simple beyond thinking but Jet blue became a pioneer of sorts in its sector and became a leader by standards and values that it created out for itself....

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