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3 Page case study on McDonald's facing tough economic conditions, health concerns of customers, and traditional along with new competitors.
In this McDonald's (in 2013): How to Win (Again)? case study, McDonald’s CEO must decide McDonald's next strategic moves so that McDonald's can win again.

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McDonalds has been seeing successful years over the past four decades from 1970s when it began its mass expansion to global markets and during 1980s it employed the cutting edge Technology to gain competence and during the 2000s It introduced the dollar menu to mitigate the recessionary trends and implements the plan to win in the past decade which was successful with McCafe products. However it has been facing difficulties in the past 12 months in the year 2013 where the CEO Don Thompson is looking for the ways to win the market and profitability again in the coming years. This case analysis provides recommendations based on the analysis of the company’s past profile of business victories and challenges....

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