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1.What are the three rules of feedback? Provide a summary of each in your words.
2.What is a performance review?
3.Explain the concept of timeliness in regards to getting and receiving feedback?
4.In your words, explain when and why feedback goes wrong

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1.What are the three rules of feedback? Provide a summary of each in your words
To have a constructive feedback three rules of feedback are considered to be of importance that will help the process to be a purposeful one. The first and the foremost rule is to get the best ROM which is important to understand on how others view us. Getting feedback from someone like who has been a colleague for long time may not yield a correct feedback, hence it would be better to make a short list of people who could provide a feedback and take feedback from all of them. As a second rule feedback should not be converted into a ego massaging exercise rather a clarity of purpose and a right method should be used to get feedback....

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