10 OSHA Cases – read and analyze each of the following cases.
Identify for each case:
1. Nature of the business,
2. Brief synopsis of what occurred,
3. The work related hazard, regulations and what specific violations were cited by OSHA in the case
4. Identify OSHA level of violations cited: example willful violation.

10 OSHA Cases:
Hagel Metal
Spider-Man Play
Service Mfgr Group … Buffalo plant
OSHA cites Missouri plumbing company
S&H violations at VA medical facility, Oregon
US Postal Service mail carrier, MA.
Carney’s Point, NJ nursing home
MA mental health provider signs settlement
OSHA fines Res Care
Manassas, Va., air carrier

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Although enforcement of total worker safety is not realistically achievable across the board, young workers are the most vulnerable and need proper care (Rohlman, Parish, Elliot, Hanson & Perrin, 2016). The US government, through the Department of Labor, endeavors to enforce safety regulations at work places across the United States through Compliance Safety and Health Officers who carry out impromptu inspections (Topie, Buchanan, Madden and Fagel 2015). In certain cases, employees or their representatives can invite OSHA officers through writing, about violations in their work stations. OSHA is under no obligation to inform the employer about the identity of the complainant, and employers are not allowed to inflict punitive measures on the employees who raise complaints by contacting OSHA officers. The ten case studies below give diverse violations citations and the penalties arising from failure to uphold OSHA regulations, some of which are severe depending on prior citations and failure in implementation of abatement provisions.
8/22/13 Hagel Metal
Hagel Metal is a fabrication company in Illinois that employs close to 90 workers, and has undergone inspections by OSHA seven times since 1989. This period has seen the company cited by OSHA on 23 occasions. On February 22nd 2017, a 23-year old worker suffered a severe crush occasioned by a laser-cutting equipment that was automated. Investigations by OSHA resulted into further citations due to formal complaints by the workers. The company was found to have failed to enforce the primary tenets of safety precautions. Dr. David Michaels. A safety officer from OSHA, found Hagel Metal to have been negligent in provision of safety.
Violations by Hagel Metal include three willful ones: lack of safeguards against crushing and trapping by moving parts, on two laser-cutting machines which produce hazardous energy. Additionally, a fall hazard violation was identified due to the lack of shields on open-sided floors and platforms. The specific violations cited by OSHA against Hagel Metal were disregard of OSHA’s Machine Guarding Standard, thus putting the lives of the employees at risk. The company was cited for failure to establish proper training of workers on hazardous material, proper guarding of the machines, and instituting a lockout – tag out mechanism that is workable.
The tragic incident led OSHA to notice that some employees were at risk of amputation due to the faulty set up of a power brake press guard. Other significant citations given were: inability to regularly inspect powered industrial trucks for servicing...

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