View the video Understanding Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining below. In this video, At the time of this interview on "CEO Exchange", Don Carty was CEO of American Airlines. In this clip he expresses the frustration that many executives in a union environment face, labor costs. This video was prior to Carty's being fired from his position at American Airlines for announcing executive retention bonuses within hours of convincing union members to wage and benefit concessions in order to save the airline from bankruptcy. Carty currently serves as CEO of Dell, Inc.

Please be sure to include the answers to the following questions.
The minimum words for the Assignment is 800 words.
o If Mr. Carty's comments on labor costs being part of a cost structure that is higher than revenue are part of American Airlines positioning before contract negotiations, what other preparations is the company probably taking prior to the negotiation process?
Mr. Carty mentions involvement of the federal government in labor relations.
What government agencies could he possibly be referring to?
What type of response to Mr. Carty's comments would you expect from the unions that represent American Airlines employees?
You will summarize your results in a written report 3–5 pages in length, not including the Cover Page and References. APA format applies.

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Labor relations and collective bargaining are two pertinent causes in the modern day world of business. On the one hand, labor relations refer to how managers and workers behave towards, talk to, and deal with each other (Parker, 2015). On the other hand, collective bargaining is primarily the process that employers and a group of workers uses to negotiate with the aim being to regulate the working conditions, salaries, and benefits among other elements of employees’ compensation and rights (Parker, 2015). In this paper, the various dynamics of collective bargaining and labor relations will be explained. The video resource "CEO Exchange" will be used as the foundation of this report.
Other preparations American Airlines is probably taking before the onset of the negotiation process
Before the onset of the contract negotiations, one of the most fundamental preparations that American Airlines should have taken is to analyze further its preparedness and capacity to implement labor relations and collective bargaining procedures. Secondly, the organization should have concentrated on coming up...

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