In the following video, a professor at Indiana University Southeast breaks the training process down into five steps. These five steps in the training process, which are often referred to by the interchangeable terms below, are:

Needs Assessment or Needs Analysis
Design or Development
Validation or Quality Control or Quality Assurance
Delivery or Implementation
Evaluation or Assessment
Watch this Indiana University Southeast video on Human Resource Management: Training and Development then respond to the questions below.

-Describe the five steps of training as discussed in the video
-Which of the training steps is emphasized most at your place of employment? Which step is emphasized the least at your place of employment?
-If you could improve the training and development at your place of employment, what improvement would you make? Why?

VIDEO: HR Management: Training & Development

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Training can be defined as the process of teaching or developing one’s or others’ skills and knowledge that relate to certain core competencies. In the workplace, training is one of the essential outcomes, given that it allows the employer to unlock the employees’ full potential. While this is the case, for training to accomplish desirable results, it should be systematic. As such, the trainer must follow five fundamental steps, namely, needs assessment/analysis, design/development, validation/quality control/quality assurance, delivery/implementation, and evaluation/assessment. In the present paper, each of these steps will be defined. Besides, the training phases that are emphasized the most and the least in my organization will be profiled. Ultimately, the study will seek to determine how training and development at my workplace would be enhanced.

The five training steps as discussed in the media
The very first step is needs analysis, also known as the needs assessment. According to the assigned video, the step usually identifies the needs of the employees, and this can be conducted in two primary ways, that is task and performance analysis. On one hand, task analysis is a comprehensive inquiry of a job to ascertain the precise skills required of new employees. A task analysis record form is used for this purpose (Lambert, 2009). Performance analysis, on the other hand, serves to determine whether skill deficiencies are defining the current workforce and whether the gaps can be solved through training. Some of the methods used to determine the performance gaps include tests of such things as job skills and knowledge,...

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