Question 1:
A) Discuss how an organization’s culture can impact policies and behaviors related to diversity and multiculturalism. How can HR influence organizational culture to support diversity and multiculturalism? Discuss at least 3 policies or practices that HR can propose and how they should be communicated to senior leaders.
B) Evaluate and discuss the diversity practices and policies of your own organization or one you have worked at. How does the organizational culture influence diversity and multiculturalism? Provide specific examples, but do not name the organization.

Question 2:
A) Identify two jobs you have held and share how you were recruited for each of them. Discuss in some detail, the organization's perspective. What were some pros and cons of recruiting you through these methods? McDonalds and Lowe’s
C) Evaluate your organization’s recruiting and selection process. How would you measure the effectiveness of these processes? Think in terms of reliability, validity, and legal compliance.

Question 3:
A) Why is retention such a major focus for human resource managers? How does focusing on retention add strategic value to the organization?
B) How would you go about developing a retention program for your organization? What might be some of your biggest challenges? What type of metrics would you need to obtain and what methods would you use?

Question 4:
A) Assume you are the HR manager of a large organization tasked with evaluating employee retention. What type of metrics would you want to look at? How would you use the HRIS to obtain these metrics?
B) Discuss the relationship between an organization’s total rewards strategy and retention. As a Human Resource Manager, how would you evaluate your total rewards program to make sure it was having a positive impact on employee retention?

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Question # 1.
Although different schools of thought will offer different definitions of organizational culture, one popular explanation highlights the impacts on organizational policies and individual employee behavior by considering the concept as a collection of ideal values, beliefs, practices, and norms.
Diversity and multiculturalism are related ideas, where the former has a broader scope. Multiculturalism is diversity in cultural or ethnic background version, while diversity is reflective of inequalities due to differences in gender, education, experience, age, etc.
Organizational culture, which may be simply termed as programmed behavior, can be logically expected to force differences to conform. To state the obvious, organizational culture is observed to directly discourage diversity and multiculturalism. It is important to point out that in a workplace context, diversity of opinions (ideas for possible solutions) and methods (implementations of such solutions), has been proven to result in better financial performance and survival of many businesses. For instance, ethnic/cultural diversity has been documented by McKinsey in 2018 to result in above-average profitability by one group of businesses (more diverse) than another group (less diverse).
The HR department has a crucial role in helping shape an overall organizational culture that advocates for both diversity and multiculturalism. Policy-wise, the HR department may include in its performance metrics as a business function to formulate recruitment policies that provide equal opportunity employment and non-discrimination protection....
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