Consider the different leadership styles outlined in this chapter 3 of the textbook. What are some of the representative behaviors associated with each style of leadership? What are some of the benefits and drawbacks to each particular style?
What skills, behaviors, and personality traits are common to transformational leaders? How does this leadership style affect their teams, and how are those results different from those of a transactional leadership style?
Do the moods and emotions of people around you influence your emotional state? How do you “catch” other people’s emotions and “spread” your emotions? Why is this process called emotional contagion?
How do people who work together as a team mutually shape one another’s behavior?
Please include cites and references according to APA 6th edition formatting style guidelines.

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The various types of leadership styles, their representative behaviors, and benefits and drawbacks of each
Directive leadership (task-oriented leadership) is represented by issuing instructions and commands, not mentioning assigning roles. The main advantage of this leadership approach is that the leader serves as the spokesman of the group. Besides, the leader can push for more work and increased production (Thompson, 2018). However, the leadership style is disadvantageous because it denies the workers a chance to exercise autonomy and creativity. Aversive leadership, for example, autocratic leadership, is represented by engagement in intimidation and dispensation of reprimands. This leadership allows for rapid decision-making and leads to improved productivity (Thompson, 2018). However, a sense of ownership is eroded, while a system of dependence becomes a norm.
Empowering leadership...

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