Write a one page summary of Parental Leaves for a cleaning company, by answering these three questions:

1) Describe what it is?
2)What it includes? (what's included in the package)
3) Why we offer it?

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Employees are the indispensable resources of any organization. There is scarcity of good talent and it is very important to attract and retain the right talent. In cleaning industry, we are providing services and the quality of services provided by employees would help to create brand image. So hiring and retaining correct employees are very important. To earn employee loyalty, it is important to provide them with all benefits. One such important benefit is parental leave. Parental leave refers to providing paid time-off from work to the employees so that they can take care of children and look after their welfare. This is an important benefit and we are planning to provide 6 weeks of annual parental leave to the employees. For every 2 years completed with the company, we would also increase the leave by 1 week, subject to maximum of 10 weeks...
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