1. "Skill Sets for Global Trade" Please respond to the following:
Discuss the necessary skill sets for successful global trade. Determine how you can improve your skills in the four general topics that you selected. Point out the areas within each of the skills sets you have named in which you are strong and those in which you could improve.

2. "Freight, Logistics, and Specialized Transportation Issues" Please respond to the following:
Assume you are an export manager in a major corporation. Create a checklist that could serve as a guideline for evaluating and selecting freight carriers for shipping goods to a country of your choice. Explain your rationale. The expected “standards” of export and import managers include due diligence, reasonable care, supervision and control, and engagement. In your own words, explain what is meant by each of these terms, especially in relation to the industry you work in or plan to work in.

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For a successful global trade, several skills are vital. In the management, the fundamental skills requirements include negotiation, communication skills, managing projects, building strong relationships, managing global partners, and risk management (Papa &Elliott, 2009). An individual should conduct a market research to identify and agree up the targeted market segment. This will assist in determining a market strategy and bring transparency in winning value proposition. To improve these skills an individual should seek opportunities to develop ...
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