Question 1.

"International Human Resources" Please respond to the following:

As the newly appointed human resources manager in a multinational production company, you have the responsibility to implement a new relocation plan to encourage employees to take overseas assignments. Create an action plan with a list of at least five tasks, timelines, and deliverables for implementing your plan. Justify your plan.
With your human resources plan in mind, create a communications plan for letting employees know how attractive this relocation plan will be.

Question 2

"International Marketing Planning" Please respond to the following:

In the role of marketing director for a company that plans to expand into international markets, determine how you would evaluate marketing plans to launch a newly developed environmentally friendly minicar.
When it comes to developing a marketing plan for an export / import business, assess the two most important factors to consider and state a rationale for your response

3. Assignment

Assignment 2: Buy USA

Go to the Buy USA Website to research your state or region. Focus on the services that this site offers potential and current exporters from your state on trade shows, marketing resources, and international trade opportunities.

Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:
Determine how this government Website assists exporters with their planning.
Discuss how you would leverage two (2) resources in the short term and two (2) that could be used for long-term planning. Provide specific examples to support your response.

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Buy USA is the official website of the United States Commercial Services. Its primary objective is to help United States companies export products and services with ease (, 2015). Buy USA helps US exporters find international partners in global markets. It also seeks to connect buyers interested in US products and services to US suppliers. Buy USA contains information on market research, trade events and trade leads. The website also helps interested people find US Commercial Services Offices within the US and in other countries. Buy USA offers four crucial resources; webinars, export assistance, trade and data analysis and industry pages. Buy USA provides all these resources in various industries.
Buy USA provides market information via webinar. The US Commercial Services is present in over 80 countries. Such global presence exposes it to many opportunities and information that it relays to US exporters through Buy USA. The webinars also help exporters seek help with export planning and inform them of the regulations in a particular country. Without Buy USA, exporters would have to do a lot of research on their own in a foreign country. Such research would be expensive and time-consuming, leading to an increase in operational cost. The result would be locking out...

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