Question #1 - Searching from the e-Activity above, determine which of the issues discussed in Chapter 9 (Export Issues) would present the greatest challenge to the company you selected. Provide specific examples to support your response. For example; New Guidance on use of ITAR Licences and Exemptions, AES and the FTR, and BIS Update.

For the same company, recommend one best practice not already mentioned in Chapter 9 that would help the company address the challenge you identified. Explain your rationale.

Question #2 - "Export Compliance" Please respond to the following:
The textbook author states in Chapter 10, “Export documents are import documents.” Explain what is meant by this statement and how it applies to the purchasing function.

Select and analyze two functions of the Bureau of Industry and Security, and discuss how they represent the overall mission of the agency.

Assignment 3: Export / Import Research Paper, Part 1

This two-part research paper, with Part 2 due in Week 10, will analyze the cultural perspectives of doing business in another country. The focus of the paper is to explore the economic and business resources of the selected country to decide if it presents a viable and productive import / export opportunity for your organization.
Because the following countries are currently newsworthy, it is tempting to get wrapped up in political and social issues rather than the business focus of this assignment. Countries to avoid for this assignment include: Albania, Afghanistan, China, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Pakistan, Palestine, North Korea, Venezuela, and Yemen. Select a different country from the one you selected in Assignment 1

Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you:
1. Determine the major elements and dimensions of the business culture in the selected country.
2. Determine how these elements and dimensions are integrated by local residents conducting business in the country.
3. Compare both the major elements and dimensions with U.S. culture and business.
4. Determine the challenges for U.S. businesses that wish to conduct business in that country.
5. Use at least three (3) quality references.

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Brasil in Focus

Culture is an illustration of the norms that are accepted and also in relation to the values that are held traditionally by a group of person who has a common feature. Culture in general terms can be explained as the way that we do things. Culture has been evolving over time, and this has been attributed to the changing dynamics that influences the culture that are being practiced by individuals and organizations within a set environment. In business, culture is an essential component, and over the years it has been able to impact on the strategic directions that have been taken by businesses.
Culture in business influences management, decisions and including all the functions of the business that ranges from accounting up to business production. In business, culture is related to the behavior ethics and many more that also incorporates business etiquettes. In many markets, the business culture always incorporates the values, missions and the vision that has led to the formation of the business. The business environment is also afferent by the business culture. This essay covers business culture in Brazil and compares with the US business culture
Major elements and dimensions of the business culture and Integration by local businesses. Space is one of the businesses cultures that is being practiced Brazil. This is in relation to the personal and space and also the physical contact that is held by the business culture. In Brazil it is a common culture for business associates to kiss on the cheeks, it is a greeting instead of shaking hands. This culture has been integrated into the local business in all their operations. All business partners and associates receive a kiss on the cheek be it male or female. Disregarding this culture while transacting a business will automatically make the business partners suspicious of themselves, hence ruining the business relationship (Allen, 2014).
Brazil businesses have a strict context that requires a more explanation in order for the business to...
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