"Future Import Issues" Please respond to the following:

•Analyze the future import issues discussed in Chapter 11 to determine which issue creates (or will create) the greatest challenges for importers in general. For example, a decision to self-audit could require a substantial reorganization of the company. Explain your rationale.

•Based on the same analysis, discuss additional issues you see as likely to arise in the next 10 years. For example, it is expected that C-TPAT compliance requirements will expand and become more stringent. Provide specific examples to support your response.


"Reasonable Care" Please respond to the following:

•You are responsible for developing the reasonable care standard within your organization that will govern how customs requirements will be addressed. Discuss how you would create an organizational policy that takes into account the guidelines that will meet current customs regulations.

•Imagine that your organization’s shipments are regularly turned back as a result of customs’ inspections. Explain how you would develop a troubleshooting plan that would identify and address the problem.

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Self-Audit can be a problem for many organizations within the import industry. This is because it requires massive reorganization of the involved companies. The reorganization can destabilize the company and hence affects it performance. The rationale behind the restructuring comes in when the company that is carrying out the self-auditing has no internal audit department. This will cause the reorganization of the company so as to be able to accommodate the auditing department. There will be reorganization in terms of the human resources. There will be additional ...

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