"U.S. Customs" Please respond to the following:

Imagine you own a small computer hardware company. From the e-Activity ( GO TO THIS WEBSITE ) design an overall strategy to set up an import function in your company. Determine the two essential elements your plan must have and why you selected these two.
Few regulations exist that govern the import or export of computer software across the Internet. Speculate how you think regulations could be put in place for importing and exporting computer software.


"The CBP" (Customs and Border Protection) Please respond to the following:

Discuss how the CBP Account Management initiative changes how business and the U.S. CBP interact and why you feel these changes were necessary.

As a member of senior management, assess how you would coordinate the risk management policies of the corporation with the CBP to manage import supply chain activities.

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The overall strategy for the company’s import function includes clear understanding of the accessories and tools that are required by the company. This strategy ensures that what it is being imported reflects the actual goals that the company intend achieve as stipulated in its objectives. This will ensure that the basic requirements such as the accessory tools for the computer are obtained. The strategy plan must include two elements which are design (the tools) and the goals ...
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