Special Challenges in Operations and Human Resource Management in International Business

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Gold's gym.
Analyze how this company is operated internationally, describe the inter relatedness of the social, cultural, political, legal, and economic factors that shape and impact the international business environment.
Analyze special challenges in operations and human resource management in international business including: operations and production, marketing, human resources, R&D and strategic management.
Prepare an executive report that present the following issues:
•Discuss where did the original idea of your company come from? What lesson for international business can be drawn from this?
•Why do you think your company decided to inter international market or expanded internationally?
•Discuss the how cultural factor influence the way your company operate.
•Discuss your company’s business ethics and how would effect on their business decisions.
•Identify your company’s competitive advantages and compare it with their main competitors.
Show your company positions in comparison with the competitor it in chart- diagram-table.
•Explain their business strategy and show their value chain.
•Identify the entry strategy your company have used to enter foreign market and why?
•Identify the role of human resource in shaping your company architecture.
•Discuss their staffing policy and approach.
•What marketing strategy your company is using? Why their strategies appear to work well, so far?
•Identify and discuss your company distribution strategy.
•What is the role R&D has played in developing product or services?

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Gold’s gym has intensified is international market expansion, and currently operates more than six hundred facilities in thirty countries around the world. Since its founding in 1965, Gold’s has championed healthy living and fitness, and built its image around this. The company’s basic message has not changed despite the changes in ownership that have occurred over the years. With the third highest market share among large fitness chains, Gold’s has embarked on an expansion drive aimed at propelling the company to the pinnacle of the fitness industry where it truly belongs. The company is synonymous with health and fitness, and the recognition of what it stands for has made its franchising operations very successful. Gold’s is now able to open dozens of new facilities around the world, thanks to its strategy of partnering with local investors. The company’s corporate culture that centers on diversity has also made it possible for it to widen its reach because it adapts its value proposition to the customs and practices of the population it aims to reach. This report discusses Gold’s international expansion, and highlights a range of issues that the company has encountered in its efforts to enter international markets....

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