Write a analyzing the life cycle of a product. In your analysis, include the following:
• Select a non–North American organization (TELSTRA)
• Identify and describe one of the organization’s products that has reached its stage of maturity.
• Assess the available financial sources—public and private—in the home country to promote global investment for the selected product. The country in which your selected organization is headquartered will be referred to as your home country (AUSTRALIA)
• Identify one optimal financing source—public or private—for the selected product and discuss its appropriateness.
• Assess the available financial sources—bilateral and multilateral—outside the home country to promote global investment.
• Identify one optimal financing source—bilateral or multilateral—for the selected product and discuss its appropriateness.
• Identify two foreign markets for this mature product and discuss the possibility of extending this product’s life cycle in the selected markets.

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Product Life Cycle


Telstra is one of the largest companies within the telecommunication industry in Australia. The company is involved in the provision of mobile services and also internet services. The company is headquartered in Australia. It is mainly concerned with the supply of basic access to local and long distance telephone cell services to homes and business. The company has been selected since it has been in operation for many years hence creating the possibility of having various products that have reached maturity (Asher, 2007).


Telstra has various products, but this analysis has selected the data products. This is one of the products offered by the company that has reached it maturity since it is among the initial products that the company started with. The products sales have remained constant and sometimes they tend to decline (Asher, 2007).

Available Financial source in Australia

There are public sources of finance within Australia that can be able to promote the global investment of Telstra’s data product. The Australian government is one of the primary sources of funds for a business that want to venture into external markets. The funding’s that is available from the government includes grants. The grant is given to a company that have shown the potential...

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