Research Paper: International Business Law
Analysis of International Business Law (minimum 5 full pages not including title page and reference pages)
The paper should specifically address an organization of your choice. You will analyze their business plan and how the company operates. You will focus on international business and how the organizations approaches the market place along with how the organization complies with the law.
The paper should address the following regarding international law (please use these subheadings in APA 6th Ed. format):
(1) vision;
(2) culture;
(3) values;
(4) use of power;
(5) relationships with stakeholders;
(6) utilization of knowledge;
(7) decision-making practices;
(8) human resources concerns;
(9) government regulation/involvement;
(10) law
You may change, subtract or add to the list above as this is a guideline for you to follow.
The paper should also answer the following question:
Is your definition of this organization based on sustained profitability, significant market share, a rapidly increasing revenue stream, a high market capitalization, or simply an "ethical" firm, or a firm that is particularly well known for its commitment to its employees or its customers; whether it is highly profitable or not?
Here are some suggestions for you but you may choose any company that you wish to use.
Levi Strauss (Book: Levi's Children by Schoenberger)
Ben & Jerry's (Book: Ben and Jerry's Double-Dip by Cohen & Greenfield)
Southwest Airlines (Book: Nuts! by Freilberg)
Starbucks (Book: Pour your Heart into it by Schultz & Yang)
Walt Disney (Book: Inside the Magic Kingdom by Connellan)
P&G (Book: The Game-Changer by AG Lafley)
Apple (Book: Inside Apple, Adam Lashinsky)

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Southwest definition is based on numerous aspects. For instance, the company has always registered profits. On the other hand, it is an ethical institution values its stakeholders and complies with the rules and regulations of the jurisdictions where they operate. Still, its commitment to its employees is the most notable definition of the company, which makes it an ethical entity. Employees of the company at all levels receive equal treatment regardless of their rank within the company. The mission, vision, and core value of the institution reflect on this commitment. All of them have been based on the belief that the employees come first and are an important part of the organization. Southwest is a local airline that focuses on domestic travels, but it has began expanding into new market such as the Caribbean and Canada. The company continues to use its culture in these new markets. Its strategy is to offer price-competitive airline services and to invest in its workforce. It is still early days to estimate the success of the company, but the past offers an indicator of the future.
Mission, Vision, Values, and Culture
The mission, vision, culture and core values have been significant in the success of the company locally, and they intend to focus on the same internationally. This is despite the fact that the cultural differences may have an effect on the response the company receives from its planned destinations. The...

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