2. The final project is a fun, practical activity where you can apply what you are learning in the course to select a product and target foreign market.
Your task for the final project realistic market launch.
from introduction through stabilization of operations "Launch applies to the target market where you want to sell your product.

You are to select product (not service), real or imagined, that will be launched a country other than the United States.

Your product may be produced in the U.S., in your target market, or elsewhere You will submit your final project in this module By now you have already obtained approval for your proposal (submitted in Module 3) and have completed.

The project outline (submitted in Module 5) The final project will consist of your business plan and an Excel spreadsheet of anticipated cash flows (expenses and income) with the resulting bottom line (profit or loss) for each year.

For the final project, you are responsible for presenting your analysis and conclusions on the following

The rationale for choosing your product

The rationale for choosing your target market.

The rationale for choosing the country where your product will be made including a brief background of the industry in the market as well as competitors.

The strategy you will employ to launch your product; items to include should include entry decisions and intended mode of entry.

The organizational structure you selected to support the launch.

Sales, marketing, logistics, cultural. and political aspects

Financial in management considerations for the launch, including currencies, tariffs, and overall Core market exchange considerations.
This paper will give you the opportunity to integrate all aspects of this course into a real-world scenario.

Please be as realistic as possible Show that you understand how to apply the concepts of this course in practical project.

While your instructor is more interested in your initiative, and the quality and realism of your analysis and conclusions versus the length of the paper, is expected that the paper follow the aforementioned requirements.

Things Remember!
Your paper should be 7 to 10 pages in (length (not including title and reference pages).

Your paper should he double-spaced. with 1-inch margins, in-text citations and references for all sources, following proper APA formatting.

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Burger is a popular snack that is uniquely associated with the United States due to the fact that McDonald, the retiling company is headquartered in the United States.
However, Burger business has spread around the world because of the increased presence of MacDonald in other markets away from the United States.

In China and Japan, for instance, the Big Mac has been in the market for quite some time.
The Chinese and Japanese markets have a huge combined middle class demographic that is making luxury eating something of a trend.

As a result of this, Big Mac business has done quite well in Asian, especially in China and Japan.
In spite of the good performance of Big Mac in the Chinese and Japanese market, the business is seriously threatened by the emerging trend that favors healthy eating.

MacDonald recently launched a new product that targets the population that is conscious of healthy eating (Jargon, 2015).
The proposed new MacDonald product that mainly targets vegetarians has received positive response from Americans and other demographics around the world.

The Japanese population is known to fancy sea food and this could be...

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