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Discussion Board 1

Selected GE based in India.
Companies which choose to do business in foreign host countries often go through a series of stages which might include exporting to a country or importing from a country, licensing a foreign host country company to do business on its behalf, creating a minority joint venture, creating a majority joint venture, and/or doing a greenfield investment where it creates a new foreign-based company and builds its own infrastructure.

•What is the approach of your selected company to doing business overseas generally and in your selected host country?
•What stages has it gone through?
•To what degree has your company made direct investments in your selected host country?

Discussion Board 2

Answer the following questions:
•What are the methods recommended for entering the Chinese market?
•When licensing products or services in China, what potential problems should international companies be aware of? (Please, make sure to include reference to the Economist article "Let a million flowers bloom" )
•Do the benefits of market entry in China outweigh the risks?

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General Electric (GE) has actually maintained a presence in India since 1902, when the company installed India’s first hydropower plant while India was under British rule (“GE in India”). GE usually participates in joint ventures with several Indian companies, especially Jet Airways, one of India’s leading airlines....

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