Write about how social media shapes consumers on-line shopping behaviour. Compare Russia with United Kingdom.

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With more and more organizations going global and the increased use of information technology and online shopping attitudes of consumers, it becomes important to study the role of social media networking in shaping the online shopping behaviour of consumers. It might be noted from the literature that there are wide differences in the usage of social media websites across countries due to their cultural differences. This research would focus on how social media shapes consumer’s online shopping behaviour – a comparison between UK and Russia. This research would provide the analysis of cultural differences that impact the online shopping behaviour of consumers through their interactions on social media websites.

Literature Review
As internet usage has been increasing in both developed and developing countries, there is also an increasing trend of online shopping in both these types of countries. However, the consumers from different cultures have different perceptions in using online shopping - whether it is used for ease of search and order, for convenience, for demonstration effect, for impulsive shopping behaviour, etc. (Xu-Priour, 2015)....

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