Read the article: Impact of Globalization on Traditional African Religion and Cultural Conflict;
Evaluate this article in the form of a research report.
1-Abstract of the article: includes main objective, methodology, findings and suggestions
2-Introduction: found in the article but paraphrased. should be min 4 paragraphs and has to include at lease 3 examples of organizations that face such issues
Includes: full background of the topic
4-Problem statement and research objectives
5-methodology: tools used for analysis, sampling method, sample size, demography, research design, strategy and nature.
6-findings of research
8-scope for further research.

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Global culture, which is one of the most paramount aspects of globalization, has increasingly become the center stage within the research arena. It is argued that global culture has necessarily resulted in a transition in the priorities of different cultural groups in the world. For instance, as determined by Kasongo (2010), many Africans have moved from collectivist social structures towards individualist arrangements.
To confirm this claim, the case of the Coca-Cola Company and KFC can be considered. Being American companies, Coca-Cola and KFC emphasize on an individualistic corporate culture. Consequently, all the franchisees, including in collectivist cultures such as those found in Africa, have to adhere to the Coca-Cola and KFC’s individualistic cultural blueprints. The two firms are often seen as benchmark models by firms in the developing nations, whether small, medium, or large.
As a result, most businesses are always willing and ready to abandon their original corporate cultures, instead, replacing them with the individualistic system followed by the Coca-Cola and KFC. Such a cultural development, as Kasongo (2010) seems to portray, is usually seen as a justification for the effects of global cultures as it often presents vast economic, marketing, production, and consumption changes that benefit an entity. While this is the case, Kasongo (2010) demonstrates that global culture has brought rise to questions concerning the role of traditional cultures in the various life aspects of African communities such as the traditional role of women.
For instance, as revealed by Glenn (2016), it is a tradition for the African cultures that women should take care of the domestic domain, while the men should work to provide for their families. With the infiltration of western companies such as Wal-Mart in Africa, it follows that the number of African women in the workplaces has increased dramatically. This has especially been due to the emphasis of Wal-Mart in diversity in its workforce. In the light of this...

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