FEMA Training - Earthquake Basics

Prepare a 1 page paper minimum (APA Style) on the following:
1) Document the techniques for structural and non-structural earthquake mitigation.

2) Briefly explain the wide range of impact that Earthquakes have on homeowners, business owners, the private sector, federal, state, tribal and local government workforce at all levels, first responders, non-profit organizations, volunteers, and community-based organizations.

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In the beginning of this summary it is needed to present the main differences between the two types of measures that can be taken for ensuring protection of life and limitation of damages when earthquakes occur. The structural techniques represent any physical construction built such way to reduce or avoid possible impacts of hazards; the same category also includes any application of engineering techniques for achieving hazard-resistance and resilience in structures or systems (Structural and non-structural measures, 2009)....

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