Assignment: CRM and ERP

Read the Internet articles regarding CRM
Answer questions 1 to 3

1. For CRM to be truly effective, what does an organization have to first understand?
2. Which division of a company should run the CRM project?
3. What industries are more active and what industry is less active in implementing CRM? Why?

Read the Internet articles regarding ERP
Answer the following questions after reading the articles. You may search Internet (ex: using Google) to collect further information.

4. Briefly describe the history of ERP by including MRP and MRPII
5. What will ERP fix in a company?
6. Why does an ERP project usually take longer than what ERP vendors claim?
7. Will ERP fit the ways you do business?
8. Let’s assume that ERP does not fit the ways you do business. According to the article, in such a case, you can do two things. Explain them.
9. What does ERP usually cost? What are the hidden costs of ERP?
10. Why do ERP projects fail so often?

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1. For CRM to be truly effective, what does an organization have to first understand? The effectiveness of CRM comes from understanding first the needs of the consumers or customers. Understanding the customer needs would help the company formulate ways on how to improve and enhance existing services or products or create an innovation to cater these needs. To be able to meet these, one must be able to assess the type of products or services that the customers want and also live up to their expectations of the customer service....
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