Application Backup and Recovery for on-going operations including contingency plan:
What do you do when something unexpected happens?
You need to define what to do when there is a major failure (hard drive failure, power supply failure, motherboard flame up, etc).
How do you continue business until the system is brought back up and how do you bring the database back up to speed in terms of the data from any transactions that occurred between the meltdown and the resurrection?

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Contingency Plan and Ongoing Backup and Recovery
Replacing the old POS system and introducing a new one is a big step for the company. It takes a lot of planning, preparation and maintenance. However, even though the system is in place, events that are not in control of the company may happen and affect the day to day operations. If things go bad, sales might decrease or costs might increase. Depending on the severity of events, it is nonetheless beneficial to have a contingency plan.
Having a well-developed plan in place is vital for short and long-term system failures. For instance, if the company faces a long-term system failure and there are no ample data backups, it might run out of business by losing its sales....

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