The objective of the course report is to understand the concept of computerized information systems for business, including hardware, software, networking, databases, users, the enabled business processes, and opportunities of the applications of information technology for business.

Topic: How this course of introductory information systems will make you a more valuable employee in the future.

The contents could be diversified with:
How IS/IT is particularly relevant to your major (e.g., Account, Marketing, Finance, etc.)

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In the 21st century, we have seen the fast transformation of people’s needs, especially that technology has made it easier for them to do their usual tasks. And now that developments continue to appear, people have been trying to search for more resources to avail those advancements which at some point have become their standard needs.

As most regions of the world are becoming more corporate we feel the desire to blend in, and try to achieve what has become the most demanded in status quo. More and more business establishments rise from the ground and with this, we look at an opportunity to succumb to what the commons are aspiring: to be a businessman....
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